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Our Material and Design division is specially created to meet and answer your needs, drawing, specifications & special demands in terms of finished-machined & forgings parts in COPPER ALLOYS.


We are able to offer copper alloys fabrication for the following dimensions and areas of application:

  Forgings up to 2.5T  
Forged discs up to 1.7 meters (67in.). Weight of 2.5T
Rings diameter up to 4.5 meter (177in.). Weight of 2.5T

Machining to your specifications



Aluminium & Steel Rod producer (continuous and semi casting) 
Nuclear industry
Mechanical Engineering
Railway & transportation industry
Electrical industry
  Off Shore and etc  

High quality Casting wheels & Ingot moulds:

A key supplier of copper and aluminium wire & cable producers all over the world
Casting wheels in CRM 16E (CuCrZr) up to 4.5 meters (177in.) and 2.5T for continuous casting.
Ingot moulds in CRM 16E (CuCrZr)
Casting Wheels in CRM 16E (CuCrZr)
Couplings in NS5 & other alloys de copper (For electric, mechanical & Aerospace Industries)
Various DISCS in CRM 16E (CuCrZr) for electric industry
Forged & machined pieces (CuAI) for Navy shipbuilding
Injection Piston (CuNi 2 Si) for Aluminium injection
Valve (Cook) body in A3S for Nuclear Industry
Ring VNC for landing gear &rings for Aerospace industry
Welding wheels in CB4 (CuCoBe) for car industry (welding)
Pipes in NS 10 for Off shore application
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