Chibro Fittings

Chibro Fittings: Definitely A Better Option Than Welding

The Chibro press fitting system is a no weld, no heat process of connecting pipes. It uses pressure and a special fitting to join pipes together. It has been used for numerous applications: both on dry land and out at sea. Using Chibro Fittings for marine vessel construction has numerous benefits, especially if the main material that you will use for pipes is Cunifer.

Cunifer is a special alloy that has wondrous properties, making it the ideal material for marine vessel construction. Although this alloy can be easily welded, certain disadvantages usually arise with welding.

Why Choosing Chibro Fittings Is Better—The Disadvantages Of Welding

The obvious disadvantage of welding is the cost associated with it. Welding necessitates specialised equipment and trained individuals for completion—not to mention the hazards that it poses, the heat it generates, the radiation it emits, and the fumes it exudes. Structurally, welding has disadvantages too. The heat that welding generates can alter desirable properties of metal. With the case of Cunifer, it erodes essential properties that make Cunifer perfect for marine applications. Welding’s heat also stresses metal, forcing it to lose some of its strength. Lastly, welding takes a lot of time, which means additional labour costs.

Why Use Chibro Fittings?

Using Chibro press fitting system eliminates all the disadvantages that welding brings. It’s actually very simple to use. You don’t have to be a highly trained specialist to know how to use it. The ease of use already means you take less time to fit your pipes, thus lowering labour costs. As it employs pressure to connect pipes, press fitting eliminates unwanted radiation, fume and heat.

Press fitting the pipes is as strong, if not stronger, than welding. Press fitting system allows the metal to keep its strength and properties. It costs less and takes up less time. When involved in the construction of any marine vessel, consider Chibro press fitting system as a better alternative.