Copper Alloy Products

Latest Copper Alloy Products

Copper Alloy Products that originate from bronze and brass are ubiquitous now. In places where we least expect it and in objects where we least suspect. These products have been able to help us greatly whether in huge or miniscule effect. They are with us from home products to health needs, to every mode of transportation to the arts. 10,000 years back to present time, here are some of the newest products coming from copper alloy.

Copper Alloy Products In Your Computer

For the longest time, attempts to make copper computer chips have failed. Until very recently. Now computer manufacturers have started using copper computer chips with less conductor width and length. This means faster speeds and also circuit integration that is 200 million transistors better. The use of copper in computer chips is a much-awaited one as it is known to be one of the best conductors of electricity.

Car And Statue Copper Alloy Products

As with the copper computer chips, using copper alloys in automobiles is unheard of. Now they are being used in creating radiators that are thin-walled instead of the usual thick-walled. This combination of copper and brass is lighter for about 30 to 40 percent. It is also smaller than the aluminum equivalent. A known process for this is Cuprabraze. Aside from being environmentally responsible, this makes manufacturing time much shorter as well. Further, the expenses for this are significantly less.

When it comes to arts, China has tapped the great potentials of copper and copper alloys. A statue that measures 509 feet is in the mountains of Jiuhua. This statue that is made of bronze is three times in size than the statue of Liberty in the United States of America.

Copper has indeed come a long way from 60 decades ago. A once neglected natural resource, now a much needed and developed one. Projecting into the future only man’s imagination is the limit as to where and how much copper and Copper Alloy Products will be able to endow us with.