Chibro Pipe

The Chibro Pipe Revolution

The Chibro pipe system is one of the most recent developments in the field of pipe fittings and piping systems, it is considered as a revolutionary development because it does away with one of the oldest and most widely used ways of attaching pipes, welding.

Chibro piping systems do not need the complicated and time consuming process of welding to be able to affix one pipe to another. All that it requires is a power pressing tool that compresses the coupling and pipe together to be able to form a strong joint that is also waterproof and gas-proof, thanks to the rubber O-ring inside the coupling that forms a tight seal around the pipes when bent by the pressing tool.

How To Assemble A Chibro Pipe System

Once the plan and layout of the piping system has been finalized and the steel pipes cut according to specifications, the pipes are then inserted into the appropriately sized coupling for a snug fit.

An electric pressing tool is then used to compress the pipe fitting and the pipes together, forming a sturdy bond with an air, and watertight seal. It is important to use the correct head or pressing jaws of the pressing tool in order to ensure the stability of the joint. Other details to keep in mind can be found in the brochure supplied with the piping system.

With these two easy steps, the newly assembled piping system is now fit for testing and subsequent use.

Advantages Of The Chibro Pipe Over Welded Pipes

In both materials and labor, the Chibro piping system is more cost effective when compared with traditional welding, because the numerous welding materials are replaced by a simple hand held power tool. The labor cost necessitated by a specialized welding skill is also lowered, since there is no special proficiency required in using the pressing tool when affixing piping systems.

Aside from financial resources, this piping system saves valuable time as well, for the reason that it is much easier and faster to install, and disassemble for replacement and maintenance.