Chibro Press Fitting

The Basics Of Chibro Press Fitting

Chibro Press Fitting is a process in which you can put together two pipes without welding or threading. As a result, a more economical, a faster process and a more reliable outcome are achieved. Using a handy pressing tool, various pipes can be pressed with just a few head changes. The diameter range that this covers goes from 12 to 108mm. This has been used for marine, industrial, commercial and military purposes. In addition, the system endorses a more cost-effective plan of execution.

Why Chibro Press Fitting Is Good

This type of connecting pipes eliminates the use of additional manpower. In contrast to traditional system such as welding, there has to be a welder to accomplish the task. This would take a toll on the labour time and expense. With Chibro, this does not have to take place. The possibility of a fire is also out of the picture. Because weldings deal with excessive heat, there is always that occurrence that we have to contend with. With Chibro, that is now a thing of the past.

Should you opt to use Chibro Press Fitting, bear in mind the types of fluid that this system can work with. The following are acceptable: sprinkler systems, broad range of chemicals, hot and cold potable water, compressed air, gases and vacuum, to name a few. Other materials that can use this type of press fitting are valves and flanges.

Chibro Press Fitting‘s Other Approved Uses

This press fitting has been extensively used in other countries such as Australia and Europe, with eight and twenty years of service, respectively. In Australia, this has been approved in constructing paths for potable water to reach people’s homes. Common uses are for plumbing and fittings, drainage pipes and end connectors.

Press fit has also been tested against fire resistance. It came out successful with over 800 degrees C and 32 bar in pressure. For military uses, it has also been tested against vibration and shock. All these have been made to ensure the safety and quality of the system the public can benefit from.