Cuni Pipe Fittings

Cuni Pipe Fittings In Marine Engineering

Cuni pipes fittings are made of an alloy formed from the combination of Copper and Nickel. The term Cuni comes from the combined chemical symbols of Copper which is Cu, and Nickel (Ni). This alloy has been used in marine engineering for quite some time now, the reason being that it has certain properties that places it above other metals and alloys when it comes to resisting the wear and tear brought about by a marine setting.

Why Cuni Pipe Fittings Are Best For A Marine Environment

Marine environments differ from freshwater environments, not only in the composition and salt content of the water but also in the kind of organisms living in them. The ocean is not just home to colorful fishes and large mammals, it also contains a flotilla of small invertebrates and marine plants, some of them too small for the naked eye to see.

Some of these invertebrates and plants tend congregate and form colonies on any hard surface that they come in contact with, the problem for marine engineering arises when these organisms choose to adhere to ship’s hulls, underwater pipelines, and other manmade structures out at sea, and start to interfere with that structures’ functioning. That is why regular cleaning and maintenance is needed in order to keep these equipments in top working condition.

Antifouling and Anticorrosive Properties Of Cuni Pipe Fittings

The antifouling properties of copper nickel alloys are found to be most useful in the marine setting because it allows cuni pipe fittings and other marine structure parts made with the same material to deter colonizing organisms like marine algae and tiny invertebrates. This trait reduces the need for constant maintenance because the growth of colonizing bacteria on its surface is considerably slowed.

Cuni Alloys are also able to resist corrosion brought about by the contact between metal and seawater, this is mainly due to copper’s high anticorrosive properties and its ability to withstand prolonged exposure to saltwater without showing signs of deterioration.