Singapore Copper

Essential Facts About Singapore Copper

Copper is one of the most useful elements on Earth and it can be found mostly on rock deposits. From these rocks, copper is produced through weathering. History proves that this element has been used as early as 10,000 years ago but its importance was first showcased during the Bronze Age which started in 2500 BC. At present, Copper is one of the most sought after elements in the metal market.

Important uses of Singapore Copper

Copper is well used in cable lines because it is a great conductor of energy and electricity. Since the signals that are passed through copper do not overheat, there is no need for cooling devices for it seldom experience overheating. With less heat, more energy is passed on and more money can be saved due to its efficiency.

Singapore Copper is also an important element in renewable energy sources. Solar panels made of copper are less susceptible to radiation and the amount of energy a solar panel collects for two weeks equals the natural gas reserves that the world has.

Copper solar heaters can provide up to 90 percent of the annual hot water consumption of a Singapore resident. Copper also has an important role in wind energy production. Since copper is non-porous, it is an important material in waterworks as well. This element can repel bacteria that can cause sicknesses and chemicals that can cause poisoning.

Market facts about Singapore Copper

Copper can be traded in three exchange markets: the London Metal Exchange, the New York Metal Exchange and the Shanghai Metal Exchange. Being the closest to Singapore, most copper supplies are traded through the Shanghai Metal Exchange. The Copper in the Chinese exchange market is done through lots of five tons.

Singapore Copper has also been one of the most sought after copper brands in the world particularly in Brazil and China. China accounts for 40 percent of the world’s copper demands and this cause an upswing in the price of copper from Singapore. By February 2011, the copper imported from Singapore is worth $10,160 per ton.