Superyacht Products

Superyacht Products, The Best Choices In Marine Engineering

In Singapore’s marine industry, Superyacht Products from Mech Marine and Industrial Engineering Company are certainly the most trusted and recommended. These products are really foolproof to have met all the international requirements, including safety. Yes, the set of products that they offer in the marine engineering market are also guaranteed to endure corrosion brought about by the most stringent condition while sailing.

Superyacht Products Available For You

Mech Marine’s Superyacht Division is really your one stop venue for all your engineering needs. They offer the products below which have truly made a mark not just in the Lion City but as well as in other countries or places like Hongkong, Thailand, Australia and even the Middle East.

Cuni Pipe and Fitting. This set of Superyacht Products is consists of Cuni 90/10 and Cuni 70/30 which both got excellent alloy composition. The specialized and optimized presence of the said compound truly makes the product infallible.

CHIBRO Pressfitting. These products are sought-after not just because of their carbon composition advantage but as well as for their reliability. This piping product is indeed reliable no matter how severe the seawater condition is. They also offer convenience as workshop labor is normally eliminated if you choose this product.

Hermetic. This system has successfully passed an important fire test in the country. Hence, you are completely assured that the product got fire-resisting technology. They also provide the fastest, safest and most economic way of pipe penetration through watertight divisions of ships and other off-shore units.

Steckdrain. The stainless steel composition of this product also makes it corrosion-safe. This kind of product is even used as a reliable part in other industries such as hospitals and drainage water system.

What To Expect Other Than Superyacht Products

The said company has truly gained a credible reputation in the marine industry but that’s not all because of the products that they offer. You should know that in the service sector, they are also considered a leader. So whatever engineering-related service you need—be it welding, repair, fabrication, installation or threading—you could surely count on Mech Marine!