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Quality Maintenance For Superyacht Singapore

A yacht is a motor-driven sailing vessel primarily used today for leisure and pleasure purposes. Yachts are classified according to their size and purpose; cruisers measure smaller than 12 meters, while mega yachts measure above 30 meters. Yachts that are over 60 meters in size are called super yachts. Even larger yachts such as mega yachts and giga yachts also exist.

Super yachts are exclusive watercrafts, owned and used only by the world’s richest people. Imagining it with exquisite diamonds, luxurious furnishings and the finest wines is just how everyone should think it should be. A typical super yacht has three to five decks, and can fit cabins, en-suite bathrooms and showers, luxury rooms, a sun deck, an outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, gym, dining room, salon, library, and theater, among others.

Though relatively smaller than cruise liners and tankers, super yachts are large enough to require a professional crew to sail it. They can be used entirely for personal uses or for charter to other people. Super yacht chartering is somehow similar to owning a hotel and hiring staffs to take care of guests, except that the place is moving on water and the rates are truly commanding. Depending on the size and amenities, super yacht charter rates vary from $20,000 to $300,000 per day.

It is an extraordinary thing to own a super yacht, whether it is for personal or business reasons. But one thing that is as important as owning a top class super yacht itself is finding a maintenance and engineering company that could professionally take care of the yacht’s repair and other mechanical needs. Considering the expenses, choosing a yacht maintenance service is a serious matter that needs to be considered wisely.

Reliable Management Service: Superyacht Singapore

A yacht management service must be able to provide satisfactory services in all aspects related to maintaining a super yacht’s good condition. It should have professional knowledge and skills regarding various areas in marine engineering and shipbuilding including mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, and hydraulics to ensure that they can meet the ship’s power generation, pipe installation, navigation, and communication requirements. In addition, it must use only high quality materials for building and furnishing the luxury vessel. A reliable super yacht specialist supports clients in every step of the way, rendering nothing but the best quality service they deserve.