Copper Alloy Company

Copper Alloy Company In Singapore: Significance

The shipping industry owes much of its success to copper alloy companies as the latter produce the most important element that make up the steel components of a ship: cupronickel. The said alloy possess a strong resilience against brackish and sea water, heat and corrosion which is why there is not a single day that this alloy isn’t in demand.

Ships would literally sink to the bottom of the ocean if cupronickel wasn’t used on them, dragging down the whole economy of maritime trade and engineering with it. Singapore’s maritime industry accounts for 7% of the nation’s GDP (gross domestic product) growth and is composed of over 5,000 companies that employ an estimated number of 96,000 people. Because of this fact, the country boasts of one of the busiest ports in the world— more so than Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. One can simply imagine how much money the industry rakes in and why copper alloy and maritime engineering service providers thrive in it.

Copper Alloy Company: Products And Services Offered

Copper alloy companies have diversified their services and product offerings through the years due to the rising demand in ship building and repair in Singapore. These services may be or may not be limited to copper alloy production alone.

For example, Mech Marine may serve as a major stockist of copper nickel pipes and fittings for European and Asian clients but it also offers onshore and offshore fabrication services such as welding and machinery work. The extra services essentially differ for every company so be sure to check with them to find out whether they can provide the service that fits your project’s demands.

How To Find A Copper Alloy Company Near You

Because of copper’s value, copper alloy companies abound not just in Singapore but across Asia and Europe. The rule of thumb in finding a good one to service your needs, of course, is doing some research. The internet is a great place to explore so visit Copper Alloy Company websites and make sure to look into their company’s published history and background. It’s also wise to check whether they have expanded overseas as well because it also reflects how trustworthy their services are.