Cunifer Brake Pipe

Cunifer Brake Pipe: Why Choose Cunifer For Your Car?

Cunifer borrows its name from the elements that comprise it: copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), and iron (Fe). It is a type of alloy that has been developed specifically for marine vessels and facilities that involve contact with seawater. Pipes, heat exchanger tubes, and condensers used in ships and processing plants are usually made of cunifer.

In recent years, cunifer has reached a wider audience, most notably from the automotive industry. Mechanics and car owners rave about cunifer’s high corrosion resistance and great ductility— qualities the alloy owes to its nickel content. Car parts, especially in countries with colder climates, are prone to corrosion because of road salts (during the winter) and cruel temperatures. Cunifer is seen as a great solution to such problems, saving car owners hundreds of dollars in car repairs.

Cunifer Brake Pipe: Shaping And Maintenance

Car owners, makers and enthusiasts are increasingly favouring the use of cunifer pipes over copper ones. Plain copper pipes are relatively strong, but you only get one go at shaping it and constant vibrations can weaken it in just a matter of time. Cunifer pipes and lines are easier to work with and doesn’t work harden.

Cunifer Brake Pipes, however, has to be maintained and chemically treated every once in a while. Periodic manual cleaning with the use of mineral acids or chromate-based cleaning agents will keep Cunifer Brake Pipes from turning green (due to biological foulings) and preserve or bring back its golden polish.

Cunifer Brake Pipe: Where To Buy One

Cunifer is widely available in most countries because of new standard rules and regulations; the use of copper has been outlawed in North America as well as in Australia and New Zealand and most parts of Asia. Some shops, however, still sell copper alloy fittings whereas Cunifer Brake Pipes and lines have to be preordered.

In Singapore, you can expect to order cunifer pipes and fittings all year round, especially from Mech Marine. The company understands the growing demand for cunifer materials and has them in stock for the whole year.