Pipe And Pipe Fittings

A Brief History Of Pipes And Pipe Fittings

Pipes and pipe fittings are just some of the things that people take for granted. Often relegated to places unseen, these things work to provide us our most basic needs. It makes sure that the water and gas keep flowing, it safeguards our health by means of the sewage system, it helps harvest earth’s natural resources, and the list goes on and on. But have you ever wondered how pipes and pipe fittings came to be?

Most people don’t realise it, but huge cities owe their existence to pipes and pipe fitting. If plumbing wasn’t developed, there would be no way to irrigate dry fields, no way to channel clean water into a city, and no way to dispose liquid waste that a city generates. Without plumbing, we would all still be nomads.

Pipes And Pipe Fittings In The Ancient World

Pipes and pipe fitting basically started at the same time as plumbing. Ancient civilisations such as the Greeks and the Romans needed a way to channel clean water into their cities for the public baths. The plumbing system back then was very crude but still worked just the same.

The next great leap in the development came later during the 1800s when epidemics due to poor sanitary conditions were common. This paved the way for the development of a separate underground water system and sewage system. The materials used to make pipes and fittings also evolved.

Modern Uses Of Pipes And Pipe Fittings

Nowadays, if you are in any place that is relatively developed, you’ll definitely see pipes and fittings. These things are now being utilised for a myriad of applications such as: indoor and outdoor plumbing, gas lines, and electrical lines, to name a few. Industries such as marine and offshore engineering use pipes and fittings very often too.

Needless to say, we will find life a whole lot harder without plumbing. Remember, you are living in a comfortable home, working at a nice office, and drinking clean water because of it.