Pipes And Fittings

Extending The Life Of Steel Pipes And Fittings On A Boat Deck

Since steel has been incorporated in boat manufacturing, every sailor has had the tough challenge protecting pipes and fittings from corrosive seafaring elements. These specific fittings and pipes play a critical role in many different operations onboard. Therefore, the risk of them failing is never acceptable. There are many different types of onboard equipment that are dependent upon these stainless steel items including conduit pipes, capstains, hatch covers, cargo cranes and much more.

What Corrodes Pipes And Fittings?

There really isn’t one particular element that acts as the most damaging, corrosive agent when it comes to destroying the integrity of any deck-side stainless steel fitting or pipes. Typically, it’s the accumulation of a number of elements combined to do the damage that include constantly changing weather conditions, continuous sea spray and wind all existing in and oxygen-rich environment. Deck equipment can quickly deteriorate if it is not properly protected from these elements. Unfortunately, traditional coatings have done little to extend the life of needed equipment. The fight against corrosion is serious.

Moisture And Oxygen Are The Worst Enemies For Pipes And Fittings

Rust is created on stainless steel piping and fittings when both oxygen and moisture is present. These are the two basic ingredients. But, when sea salt water is also present, the best disaster recipe for corrosion is cooked up. Although using traditional coating will initially do the trick, eventual hardening and exposure to natural elements will create a good deal of chipping and cracking. More importantly, coating hides the rust while it continues to degrade the stainless steel metal condition. Vessels that are exposed to extreme marine weather conditions on a constant basis need some type of long-term protection that can repel water yet remain flexible since these stainless steel items need to move.

Anti-Corrosion Tape Protects Pipes And Fittings

Anti-corrosion tape is a non-woven fabric that is stitch-bonded. It is fully impregnable through being coated by a petroleum-based compound with added inert fillers. These fillers are water resistant, water repelling, yet will remain flexible enough to provide long-term protection for stainless steel pipes and fittings.