Stainless Steel Piping

Using Stainless Steel Piping To Create A Boom Gallows

Thick-walled stainless steel piping is the best metal to use to create a permanent boom gallows for a sailing vessel. The important consideration here is hiring a fabricator with enough experience and skill. Welding skills are highly desirable when it comes to creating a permanent boom gallows. Finding a good welder can be difficult as well since working with stainless steel is an arduous task. You should only consider using qualified, accredited stainless steel welding experts for your project.

Accurate Welding Of Stainless Steel Piping Is Important

Due to the fact there are quite a few different angles found on boats, it becomes highly necessary that accurate jigging takes place during the welding process. Your expert welder will know how to jig for approximately measured angles and then come up with padding for each of the boom’s base plates using teak wood. This wood can be worked to fit in the specified landing place. Keep in mind that after all final fitting is accomplished, the base plates will be secured by bolting them to adequate wood backing plates that match the boat design or complementary metal plates.

Anchoring The Stainless Steel Piping Frame Of Your Boom Gallows

If you choose to use large stainless steel piping to construct a frame, and this can be anchored to the deckhouse side as well as to the deck itself, there will be no need for any diagonal bracing. Your fabricator should produce the largest mounting plate possible for both the cabin sides as well as for the deck. Make sure to supply the fabricator with accurately scaled drawings if you cannot bring this professional to your boat or your boat to the professional. There is a great need to show the fabricator the accurate mounting plate positioning and angles. You will need to illustrate the stainless steel piping frame end bevels so these can be matched to the crown of the deck.

This boom gallows project is a huge job and is a considerable financial investment but will be well worth the time and effort to any serious sailor.