Super Yacht Owner

Becoming A Super Yacht Owner: Build Or Buy?

Super Yacht Owner – the term certainly has a nice ring to it for many reasons. You are now a member of the super-elite club of multi-millionaires who can afford to purchase one of the most luxurious seagoing vessels in Singapore. But the question remains: Shall you build or buy the super yacht of your dreams?

Build To Become A Super Yacht Owner

Building a custom-built super yacht can take anywhere from one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years depending on the size, technical specifications, and aesthetic requirements of the job. This is the main downside of the option to build in order to become a super yacht owner.

But if you are willing to wait, you will enjoy several benefits that outweigh the waiting period. For one thing, you have complete control over the design of the super yacht from its hull to its deck, from its navigation equipment to its living arrangements, and from its engines to its sails. For another thing, you will get the best value for your money in three ways:

• Maintenance costs are usually lower on a custom-built super yacht because everything is brand-new and, hence, in top working condition.
• Prestige level is understandably higher considering that it is more expensive to build a customized super yacht than to buy an on-the-market vessel.
• Resale value is usually higher because of the relative newness of the super yacht.

The trick is in choosing the right builder of super yachts to undertake the job. This should be no problem with Mech Marine as we are the best builder of luxury yachts in Singapore!

Buy To Become A Super Yacht Owner

If you want to be the owner of a super yacht without the long wait involved, then you should buy an on-the-market brand-new vessel. You can almost immediately enjoy sailing the vessel in Singaporean waters since the legal documents including payment of governmental dues can be taken care of by the yacht broker.

Again, Mech Mechanic can be your bridge – broker, in other words – in finding the best super yacht for your needs and wants in the vessel. You can also trust us to refit the vessel to your specifications.

Which one is the best option in becoming a super yacht owner? Both are great options so it all boils down to your patience – or impatience, for that matter – in becoming part of the elite.