Yacht Brokerage

How Yacht Brokerage Firms Assist Buyers

Yacht Brokerage firms work in the same manner as real estate brokerage firms in that their main job is to promote and protect their clients’ interests. Indeed, you must consider your yacht broker as a strategic partner in getting the best value for your money on the luxury vessel.

Pre-Purchase Preparations On The Part Of The Yacht Brokerage Firm

Before the exchange of money for the purchase of the yacht, your yacht broker will undertake several steps designed to promote and protect your interests in the transaction. You must work with your yacht broker in all these steps because it is, after all, your money at stake. Your yacht broker then acts as your authorized representative until the transaction is completed.

Here are a few of the pre-sales preparations that the licensed professional from the yacht brokerage firm will perform in your behalf:

• Make initial inquiries about the available yachts on the market. Keep in mind that you must discuss your needs and wants (i.e., build or buy) with the broker so that he can match your specifications with the yachts.
• Assist in the pre-qualification process for a boat loan and marine insurance. You will be referred to reliable lenders and insurance providers for this purpose.
• Make an offer on the yachts. Your yacht broker has the experience and expertise in making the most beneficial offer on the vessels, thanks to his knowledge of the factors affecting yacht prices. Let him do most of the work especially the negotiation phase while you set the general parameters of your budget.
• Attend to the sea trial and survey of the yachts being considered.
• Take charge of the legal paperwork including the filing of taxes, registration and deed of sales.

With a professional covering your back, you should be able to enjoy the best yacht for your budget.

After-sales Roles Of The Yacht Brokerage Firm

After the yacht is in your legal possession, your yacht broker will then provide assistance in helping find the best people, products and services for the refitting, maintenance and repair of your new baby.

Indeed, the yacht brokerage firm and the broker assigned to your case can be your friend for your life as a yachting enthusiast.