Duplex Steel Plate

Mech Marine, The Leader In Duplex Steel Plates And Copper Nickel Fittings

The city-state of Singapore is where you can find that one excellent provider of Duplex Steel Plates, copper nickel pipes and fittings. This company which has earned the name “leader” in the country’s marine industry is none other than Mech Marine and Industrial Engineering Company.

For more than three decades, the frontline company has indeed helped the Lion City in improving its marine industry. What started out as a local business has stretched across borders; it now has businesses not just in Asia but as well as in the Middle East and Australia. But the good news is that although they have expanded their services to overseas shipyard, the company also caters their know-how and does business arrangements directly with private ship owners.

Duplex Steel Plates And Other Premium Products from Singapore’s No. 1

So what are the products which have helped Mech Marine gain their unparalleled reputation? Read on to find out.

In the vast world of marine engineering, this company is indeed considered as one of the world’s best providers of materials needed for engineering work such as copper nickel piping and fitting system. It is, in fact, a one-stop solution for all the types of piping systems that you require and need. One of their products which is considered as truly revolutionary is the set of Cuni Pipes and Fittings —Cuni 90/10 and Cuni 70/30. They are said to be especially- designed to withstand the most severe seawater corrosion. Other premium products which have met international benchmarks are Steckdrain, CHIBRO pressfitting and Hermetic.

Things In Store For You Other Than Duplex Steel Plates

Their mission doesn’t stop in offering Duplex Steel Plates and other marine machinery needs as they also provide other vital services such as machinery works, welding, steel fabrication for marine and offshore and even ship repair and trouble-shooting works. They also offer piping installation and threading and if you’re a ship owner who’s having some troubles in your engineer department, some professional advice from Mech Marine would also be a great help!

Having said all these, there’s really nothing more that you could ask for. There’s no other to trust as well but Mech Machine.