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Like the veins in the human body, the piping system plays the vital role of transporting substances needed to keep industrial sectors and business operations running. Reliable Singapore piping jobs make sure that the quality standards of pipes and accessories met. They offer a range of products that fit various purposes.

Singapore piping jobs provide materials for various fields such as design, fabrication and installation in offshore and industrial industries. They supply pipes, tubes, and couplings made from different materials particularly steel, stainless steel, copper-nickel, bronze, ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys, and even fibreglass, rubber and plastic. They also render pipe installation and pipe fitting services that utilizes different techniques depending on the setting they will be used.

Singapore Piping Jobs: Quality Assurance

Cunifer and duplex stainless steel are among the most popular materials used in high pressure offshore and shipping industries. They possess properties that make them suitable even for harsh conditions and seawater exposure. These materials cost less but are comparable to the quality of other materials used for similar reasons.
Stainless steel has chromium which makes it resistant to corrosion and oxidation, even in high temperatures. It is easy to clean and requires low maintenance due to its low hydraulic friction properties. Duplex stainless steel is strong, ductile, and corrosion-resistant. It allows lower thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. All these qualities make duplex stainless pipes and tubes suitable for chemical processes and seawater applications.

The combination of copper and nickel in alloys improves the strength and corrosion resistance of the material. Because of their remarkable resistance to crevice, pitting, and seawater-induced corrosion, their ductility, and anti-magnetism properties, as well as very little chance for biological build up, copper-nickel alloys have been widely used for marine applications for several decades now.

Pipes and tubes are available in different sizes and diameters. They are also available in plenty of shapes too; there are round, oval, square, and rectangular shaped pipes and pipe couplings. There is a type, shape, and size of pipes used in different industries. They are committed to satisfying the requirements of our customers.