Chartering Superyachts For First Timers

Cruise liners boast of great destinations, comprehensive amenities, and unique itineraries. However there is very little sense of exclusivity and privacy in such ships. This is why some travelers do not hesitate to pay extra and charter their own Superyachts. There they could enjoy sailing the seas with all conceivable luxury treats along with the unshared premium services of the on-board crew.

If it’s your first time to charter a yacht, do not get intimidated by new words you do not understand. Charter companies may have their jargon but it makes perfect sense once you go through the process of booking. Making a reservation is no different from getting a hotel room.

Factors To Consider When Chartering Superyachts

To have a smooth transaction with the booking agent, make a note containing these details. First, the number of family members and friends you will cruise with and the number of bedrooms you intend for them. It is fine to just make a rough estimate, but it is better if you make a draft of specific room assignments. This helps in the preparation of beddings, meals, seats, and what-not.

Next, decide on where you want to go. Thousands of travel websites are out there to give suggestions, so explore them and take your pick. Of course you may also solicit the agent’s advice as charter companies have their own destination specialties. If you are afraid seeing your credit card scream in pain, be confident in giving the agent your budget and you will be given all possible options.

Charter companies offer a fleet of yachts, and when you make a reservation they sometimes assume you already have a preferred ship in mind. If you don’t, do not fret. Agents will be more than willing to close a deal so let them have their talk. They may even invite you to personally visit your top choices and talk with the captain and the crew of the yachts if you really are interested.

Chartering Superyachts: Pricing

Charter companies typically ask for 50 percent of the fee upon contract signing and then the other 50 percent at the end of the cruise. There will also be an upfront incidental charge that’s about 20 to 30 percent of the total charter fee, but this is redeemable when there are no charges incurred.