Singapore Luxury Yacht

Have A Memorable Experience With A Singapore Luxury Yacht

Perceived as a small and industrial island by some, Singapore is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. Despite its size, the country is packed with amenities and attractions that will appeal to the senses of local and foreign tourists. There are several ways to navigate through these tourist spots and one of the more satisfying ways of doing so is to go aboard a luxury yacht.

Hiring a Singapore luxury yacht is inexpensive

The common notion is that renting yachts is reserved for rich individuals who would like to spend their leisure time or have a different setting for business meetings. However, other groups can rent a luxury yacht to celebrate various holidays or occasions. There are half-day and whole-day rental packages that you can choose from. The half-day trips can be taken during the morning or at night time.

For an evening cruise, a 48-foot Singapore luxury yacht can be rented for S$1,900 and it can allow up to 25 people on board. If your group exceeds 20 people, you need to add S$300 for the accompanying crew. If your evening trip lasts for five hours, you have to add S$35 for the yacht’s fuel. Adding up all these expenses and dividing them among 25 people reveal total expenses of S$90 each.

Renting a yacht helps you have an intimate event with your closest friends or associates while you cruise through the waters of Singapore. As a pre-caution, it is best to avoid cruising through southern Singapore for most of the commercial ships are there. These ships can block the picturesque views that you’ve been longing to see.

Singapore luxury yacht destinations to other countries

Aside from cruise trips around Singapore, you can take a luxury yacht to the Malaysian coasts of Pahang and Johor for as much as S$700 a night. You can also take yacht cruises to Japan, Thailand, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Australia, Antarctica and Russia. The yachts used for these destinations are the five-star luxury cruises that can accommodate up to 100 guests.

A Singapore luxury yacht trip to Russia or Borneo would cost around S$10,500 per person and the trip can last for ten days. To kill time, guests can take a peek at the scenic spots on the cruise’s view deck or spend time in the yacht’s recreational facilities.