Copper Alloy Product

Copper Alloy Product: Its Unique Characteristics

Copper Alloy: Know More

Copper, when combined with other metals is characterized with the ability to form alloys. Its common alloys are brass (copper and zinc), bronze (copper and tin), cupro-nickel (copper and nickel). It can also combine with other metals such as silicon, iron, magnesium and aluminum. It is highly noticeable that upon combining the metals, there is a change in color and performance.

The unique characteristics of a Copper Alloy Product are:

1. Durability – a copper alloy is 100% recycleable. When it is no longer in use, its physical-chemical property remains and can be recycled into a new product. It has wide range of uses in different industries i.e.

2. Corrosion and wear resistance – its resistance to corrosion is found significant n carrying energy. The product is used as a component for solar thermal collectors, residential thermal heating and even for low temperature heating systems. Moreover, copper tubes are used for plumbing and heating applications. These tubes are also ideal for most domestic applications such as hot and cold water, drinking water, drainage systems, solar panels and distribution of combustible fuels. Moreover, the copper-nickel alloy is used for sea water cooling system, firewater system, sanitary system, deck steam pipes, bilge and ballast system, hydraulic and pneumatic system and splash zone sheathing

3. Workability – this can be proven by adding lead to a binary brass, a copper alloy (copper and zinc) another alloy is produced which is ideal for lathe machining. This makes shavings very short and the tools are subject to less wear thus improving in quality and work speed.

Common Uses of A Copper Alloy Product

a. Construction – used for roof coverings, interiors and boilers;

b. Electric and Electronic Industries – switches,transformers, cables, lead frames

c. Mechanical and Machinery – condensers, heat exchangers, valves, clocks

d. Decorative objects – buttons, trinkets, gifts etc

e. Transport industry

Summing it all up, the various qualities of copper alloy, whatever combination it maybe is ecologically advantageous and its durability meet the requirements of this changing environment.