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Water Pipe Suppliers Singapore: Finding The Best

Water Pipe Suppliers Singapore: Required Standards

Water pipes are pipes or tubes, oftentimes made of polyvinyl chloride, ductile iron, steel, cast iron, polyethylene and copper which convey water to buildings and business establishments. These pipes normally carry potable water supplied to a tap valve outside and inside the household

The distribution of tap water has major public health benefits, for it greatly lessens the risk of contracting water-borne diseases. In connection to this, the government of Singapore has set standards for pipes, pipe fittings, flush valves, flush reservoirs etc. for use in tap water service installations in the country.

Water pipe manufacturers and suppliers shall ensure that the pipes and pipe fittings comply with the standards and requirements as stipulated by PUB in conformity to the Public Utilities Regulations and Singapore Standard CP48: Code of Practice for Water Services.

Water Pipe Suppliers Singapore: Keeping The Standards

Sometimes, there will be instances that standards and requirements for pipes and pipe fittings are not stipulated. In this kind of situation, the supplier, retailer OR installer need to approach PUB to stipulate the standards and requirements for compliance. The contact information of PUB is listed below:

Inspectorate Branch

Water Supply (Network) Department


40 Scotts Rd #10-01

Environment Building

Singapore 228231

Telephone: 65172934 / 65172932 / 65172930 / 65172927 / 65172925

Fax: 67313023

E-mail: pub_waterfittings@pub.gov.sg

In addition, water pipes and water pipe fittings should be certified and tested to be deemed in compliance with the stipulated standards by a conformity assessment body accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council. They must be supported with authenticated test reports and certificates. Pipe suppliers shall see to it that these test reports and certificates which they offer are safe and ready for PUB verification anytime.

PUB normally conducts reviews for possible upgrade in the pipes and pipe fittings requirement of potable water supply. Just recently, a review of the existing standards and requirements was recommended to upgrade the water pipes and pipe fittings installation of Singapore’s water services.