Pipes Suppliers

Finding Reliable Pipe Suppliers

How To Find The Best Pipe Suppliers In Your Area

Pipe suppliers are all over the world. You go online and you will find a long list of suppliers from Asia, North America and Europe. But finding a reliable one is no easy task. A thorough evaluation should be done before making a choice for in business there is no room for mistakes.

Here are some helpful tips in finding reliable pipe suppliers:

  • Determine your pipe requirements; are you looking for plumbing pipes, steel pipes, PVC pipes or plastic pipes?
  • Go online and check for the supplier based on your needs;
  • Out of the list pick at least ten (10) suppliers;
  • Open their websites, browse their product list and their contact information;
  • Contact each supplier and discuss your pipe requirements;
  • Request for a product brochure if there is any for it will show trade references and list of suppliers’ clientele;
  • Randomly pick at least 3-5 customers and your own background investigation;
  • Confirm that the products they carry are based in international standards;
  • Review each supplier and decide which will be ideal one to cater your needs
  • Negoiating With Pipe Suppliers

After making a choice, you can start negotiating with the supplier. Provide as much information as you can regarding your requirements in order to have a smooth and successful procurement process.

If the supplier you picked operates overseas, you have to understand the legalities and requirements of purchasing goods from a foreign country. You will be discussing letters of credit, shipping arrangements, and delivery time frame.

On the other hand, if it has a branch or affiliate company in your area, negotiations will be easier for you since you can easily reach out to them thru different channels, phone, fax, email and even face-to-face.

Always remember that your sourcing out for good suppliers is for a long-term relationship so you have to be extra careful in making arrangements and entering into agreements with them. A ‘one-shot deal’ will tarnish the reputation of your business so always aim for an ideal supplier-customer relationship.