Steel Pipes Singapore

Steel Pipes Singapore: Facts And Figures

Steel Pipes Singapore: Know More

Steel pipes are durable and has the ability to resist corrosion. This is the reason that they are widely used for different purposes. Steel pipes are most commonly used in construction, automotive and other infrastructure sites. The strength and durability of a steel pipe depends on the iron and carbon. There are different types of steel pipes which can be engineered to any dimension according to its use. They are categorized based on the usage, size and chemical composition.

Steel Pipes Singapore: Types

The four types of steel pipes are:

1. Line Steel Pipes are hollow tubes used for long distance pipelines which are commonly used on energy distribution to convey combustible liquids and gases. They are also used for nuclear stations and heating systems due to its high resistance corrosion property.

The diameter of these steel pipes range from 1.8 to 42 inches. These pipes are manufactured primarily for oil and gas transportation and distribution of energy.

2. Standard Steel Pipes are welded non-alloy steel pipes which has a circular section of not more than 406.4 millimeters (16 inches). Disregarding the wall thickness, standard steel pipes are black, galvanized or painted however the finish can be plain, beveled, threaded, and coupled. These pipes are intended for low conveyance of water, steam, natural gas, gases in plumbing and heating systems, air conditioning units, automatic sprinkler system and other related usage. Stainless steel pipes can be seamless, single welded seam or electric resistance welded.

3. Structural Steel Pipes are used for engineering structures made in a heated furnace or open-heart with thickness of 11mm or less. These pipes are generally used where plant-fabricated pipe cannot be installed and do not have the strength to support the loads

Imposed on them

4. Plumbing tubes is a system of pipes installed in a building for supply and distribution of potable water and removal of wastes. Plumbing tubes are specially designed for plumbing and are also used in different ways such as:

  • Underground water service
  • Potable water distribution
  • Drainage and vent systems
  • Radiant heating
  • Fire sprinkler installation

This type of pipe is manufactured using the extrusion process. Their walls are thinner and require special joining methods. The two kinds of plumbing tubes are galvanized tubes and copper tubes.

Steel Pipes are one of the main materials when it comes to constructing buildings, houses, and other structures. It is best to get high-quality products from manufacturers which have a good reputation in order to avoid unnecessary construction problems.