Marine Engineering

The Fascinating World Of Marine Engineering

If you’re one of those that are enthralled by seas and oceans, then the fascinating world of Marine Engineering will fill you with inspiration and enchantment as well. Man is inherently driven to explore this enthralling world of seas and oceans given that our very origins are linked to water. Marine or ocean engineering makes it possible for us to reconnoiter the marvels of the oceans and seas. From the humble beginnings of the simplest floating vessels to the current technologically advanced ships, marine or ocean engineering has been noticeable throughout this enchanting journey.

What Marine Engineering Really Is

Marine engineering concerns the mechanical aspects of all machinery and equipment that enables marine vessels to function properly, including boats and ships, among others. It is an extensive field that encompasses a number of other related disciplines that deal with marine technology. The closest field to marine or ocean engineering is mechanical engineering and concepts in the two fields are used interchangeably to make marine vessel machinery work.

There are many types of marine vessels of different sizes and shapes. Naval vessels used by the armies and commercial vessels used to transport goods are the most widely known marine vessels. The two are pretty similar as far as the mechanics are concerned. However, naval ships are used and operated differently from how commercial vehicles are operated.

Marine Vessel Machines In Marine Engineering

As mentioned earlier, marine vessels have various types of machinery that make it possible for them to operate safely on seas and oceans. Here are some examples of marine vessel machines:

Boilers – Most big ships use steam for a number of operations, for instance warming up heavy oil. There are many other uses of boilers depending on the type of ship.

Stroke engines – The engines perform two basic functions, which are propulsion and supplying power to other parts of the ship that need power.

Pumps – Pumps play a critical role in the operation of ships. Basically, they pump the required fluids to every part of the ship that needs them.

Radar – This is for satellite communications as well as automation circuitry and also acts as a transponder.

Other ship machinery includes oil purifiers, RAC equipment, electronics, and more.