Marine Pipes

Marine Pipes

There are many types of Marine Pipes designed for specialized marine operations. These pipes are used in various mechanical operations on ships as well as in offshore systems. They are usually made from special metals that can withstand the harsh conditions of seawater. Without these specialized pipes, sailing through the marvelous seas wouldn’t be possible, not to mention other sea and offshore exploration processes such as oil drilling.

Unique Properties Of Marine Pipes

As noted earlier, the harsh conditions of seawater require that the pipes used for the different marine operations be made from a material that can withstand those conditions. Typically, one or more types of stainless steel is the material of choice for making a marine pipe, although other metals or materials are used too. Stainless steel is a steel-chromium alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion, and it’s commonly used in highly corrosive environments at the sea. It is also a very sturdy metal that allows for thinner pipes to be made for any type of application.

Also, the marine pipe is made from materials that are relatively lightweight, free of rust and other contamination, and easy to install. It should also be durable so that the pipes have a long service life.

Applications That Use Marine Pipes

As their name suggests, the marine pipe is built specially for use in marine operations and in marine vessel machinery. The type of metal used for marine applications is selected primarily for its corrosion resistance properties, above other characteristics. This is because corrosion resistance is extremely important in marine operations and aboard ships, more than anything else. Specifically, martensitic and ferritic stainless steel metals are normally used in corrosion-resistant marine pipes. However, Austenitic metals offer even increased corrosion-resistance and are used for the same purpose as the two aforementioned stainless steel types.

That said, there are a couple of other metals used for making these kinds of pipes, including galvanized steel, carbon steel, and glass fiber, among others.

Specific applications where the marine pipe is used include several ship operations such as onboard plumbing fixtures, saltwater piping, black and gray water piping, as well as vent and rain piping.