Super Yachts

The People Behind Super Yachts

Super Yachts are made by, sailed by and maintained by people. Without people, these luxury vessels can and will remain in the dock – beautiful but idle, a waste of time, talent and money. With that in mind, you must first consider the necessary manpower to move your planned luxury yacht from the dock to the seas and vice-versa. Unless you plan to do everything from buying to sailing, maintaining and repairing your yacht, of course, then skip reading this article. (Obviously, we think that you will not since no yacht owner can do all of these jobs under his own sails.)

Sales, After-Sales And Repair Professionals Of Super Yachts

Several professionals including skilled workers are involved in the sales and after-sales support as well as retrofitting, maintenance, and repairs of super yachts. On one hand, you have the licensed yacht brokers who ensure that the luxury yacht meets legal requirements (i.e., memo of agreement, taxes and registration). Your great experience as a new yacht owner continues with the after-sales support provided by the yacht broker’s firm.

On the other hand, you have the professionals including engineers and skilled workers who refit, repair and maintain your luxury yacht. You will certainly appreciate the knowledge and skills of these professionals in keeping your luxurious seagoing vessel in tiptop shape, both inside and out.

Crew Members Of Super Yachts

Then there are the crewmembers who are in charge of sailing the ship, among other roles and responsibilities. The crewmembers range in size from just 8 for a 120-feet yacht to 70 for larger yachts but the number can be smaller when the yacht is on the dock; a skeleton crew is all that may be required for this purpose.

The full complement of crewmembers should ideally include the captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer/s, first mate, officer, bosun, chef, crew chef, deckhand/s and steward/s. Keep in mind that the crew must be paid their monthly salaries coupled with living expenses, board and lodging, and bonuses. Many will even temporarily live on the yacht.

Indeed, the purchase and upkeep of super yachts require money but if you can buy one, you can certainly afford to maintain it.