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The patented Hermetic® System allows to make in a safe, fast and economic way the penetrations of pipes through watertight and fire-resisting divisions on board of ships and off-shore units of any type and dimension. All Hermetic® penetrations have namely success-fully passed the Standard Fire Test to class A 60 prescribed by IMO A.754 (18) and a hydrostatic pressure test under a head of more than 100 meter water column.

Hermetic® penetrations consist of three metalli disks that have a hole in the centre for their insertion onto the pipe which penetrates the structure. Disc A is equipped with an o-ring which makes the water seal in conjunction with the pipe, with a flat gasket that ensures the watertight in conjunction with the structure and with a gasket of intumescent material which expands, when affected by fire, sealing any gaps and making the penetration tight against fire. The disks, when installed, are connected together by means of screws - which pass through the same hole cut for the pipe - making an assembly strong and absolutely hermetic.

The description given before clearly evidences the advantages of Hermetic® penetrations in comparison with existing techniques:


• Penetrations are installed on board without any welding

• The same penetration can be used on structures of steel, light alloy or of any other material as well as with any type of pipe (i.e. carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, etc.) only providing they have the same outside diameter.

• Penetrations can be directly mounted on any section of the pipeline. Therefore is not necessary to fabricate separately the conventional penetrations- consisting of pipe spools - which are to be welded to the structure and coupled on both ends to the pipeline.

Hermetic® penetrations can be used on pipes passing through watertight decks and bulkheads (below the freeboard deck) as well as A-60 fire-resisting divisions. The range of outside diameters of pipes for which Hermetic® penetrations are available extends from 14 mm up to 273 mm. Their water tightness has been designed and tested to withstand a pressure of 100 meter water column, therefore they can be used on ships and off-shore units of any dimensions.

Hermetic® penetrations have been approved for all the a.m. applications by following Classification Societies:

• Registro Italiano Navale 

• Lloyd's Register Of Shipping 

• American Bureau Of Shipping 

• Det Norske Veritas 

• Germanischer Lloyd

• Bureau Veritas 

Certificates are available on request.
If required, Approval Certificates of other Classification Societies can be obtained.
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