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NORMACONNECT® pipe couplings are a compact, economical and reliable means for connecting plain-ended pipes. They are suitable to join plastic and metal pipes including pipes made from stainless steel. They can be used in mechanical engineering and construction, shipbuilding, civil engineering and in water technology.

Supply pipes as well as return pipes for liquid or gaseous media can be joined easily and safely in a very short period of time - even in narrow spaces. All plain-ended pipes can be joined easily by hand. The ready to fit coupling is pushed over the pipe ends and then aligned and rotated to any fitting position. Tightening the two bolts alternately with a torque wrench is all it takes to make a safe fitting.

Due to the wide range of various types and sizes they are suitable for use both in standard and specialized applications.


Range of applications

The NORMACONNECT® pipe coupling is a reliable connection for thick- and thin-walled pipes which conforms to the latest DIN Standard 86128.

Feed and return lines for various media are joined quickly, easily and safely using NORMA CONNECT® pipe couplings.


• Sealing reliability is also ensured under the condition of slight axial misalignment, angular deflection and even gaps between pipe ends of up to 65 mm.

•Pressure surges, vibration and related noise are absorbed to a considerable extent.

•Economy is guaranteed due to short assembly times without the necessity of prior pipe alignment or treatment of pipe ends; in addition, the pipe couplings are reusable.

1. Double-lip sealing system

The patented double-lip sealing system (Fig. A) of the NORMACONNECT® pipe couplings offers double safety; It provides maximum sealability at both low and high operating pressures. When the bolts of the coupling are tightened sealing lip 1 is pressed onto sealing lip 2, thus providing a highly reliable seal even under the condition of low pressures, vacuum or extreme loads acting on the joint (Fig. B). The special sealing lip design means that when the internal pressure (P) increases, the sealing lips are pressed more firmly onto the pipe surface ensuring an even stronger seal (Fig. C).

2. Standard strip insert

All NORMACONNECT® pipe couplings are factory equipped with the standard strip insert. The strip insert protects the sealing sleeve from increased mechanical and chemical loads. It also prevents the sealing sleeve from moisture expansion and allows larger gaps between the pipe ends to be connected. Furthermore, it allows larger angular deflections and misalignment. With the strip insert the couplings can also be used for both vacuum and high-pressure applications without any problems. The strip inserts are made from plastic material or stainless steel.

3. Heavy duty lock bars

For NORMACONNECT® pipe couplings use lock bars with a larger diameter. Thus the rigidity of the coupling is increased and the engagement of the threaded end of the locking bolts is considerably improved.

4. Anchoring ring with conically stamped teeth

The anchoring ring with conically stamped teeth indents into the pipe surface and provides safe and strong axial restraint. Owing to the special design the coupling is able to withstand even high vibration loads.

5. Protection ring

The protection ring protects the sealing sleeve from UV rays, fire, etc. and increases the flexural strength of the coupling

Overall NORMACONNECT® products create dependable permanent connections for various pipe types carrying various media. NORMACONNECT® is the perfect solution for fast fit requirements. They require no special tools for fitting and do not entail pipes to be treated or prepared – thus reducing downtime and providing a reliable and economically sound clamping solution.

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