Super Yachts

The People Behind Super Yachts

Super Yachts are made by, sailed by and maintained by people. Without people, these luxury vessels can and will remain in the dock – beautiful but idle, a waste of time, talent and money. With that in mind, you must first consider the necessary manpower to move your planned luxury yacht from the dock to the seas and vice-versa. Unless you plan to do everything from buying to sailing, maintaining and repairing your yacht, of course, then skip reading this article. (Obviously, we think that you will not since no yacht owner can do all of these jobs under his own sails.) Continue reading

Stainless Steel Pipe

The Many Uses Of Stainless Steel Pipe

Industrial and marine processes and operations that require corrosive-resistant piping often use a stainless steel pipe. In addition to its impeccable corrosion resistance, stainless steel is stronger, more durable and very flexible compared to cast iron and steel. Because it is strong, stainless steel can be welded into any shape and size, depending on the application for which it is being formed. Stainless steel is especially ideal for marine piping systems because it can be easily fitted with other piping systems. Continue reading

Cuni Pipe Fittings

Protection From The Sea – Cuni Pipe Fittings

Pipes are very important because without them water could not be carried around a structure. Pipes are found in many things including homes, yachts, buildings and any other structure that has indoor plumbing. There are many different circumstances in which a special kind of pipe has to be used, and there has to be special fittings that go with it. Continue reading

Pipes And Fittings

Pipes And Fittings

Familiarising Yourself With Pipes And Fittings

So you move into your new house or flat and by the following month, you got problems with the plumbing. Unfortunately, you don’t know a thing or two about fixing it and you’re a little shy to ask your next-door neighbour for help. What should you do?

Continue reading