Copper Alloy Standard

Copper Alloy Standard – Why It’s Important

In any business, from creation to selling to recycling, there are standards that are being recognized and followed by everyone in the field. In metallurgy, creation and selling of copper is anchored by having a standard as a meeting point for all persons involved. This is how stockists, users and producers of copper and copper alloys will be able to understand each other. In a sense, having a set of Copper Alloy Standard is the universal language in the industry.

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Chibro Press Fitting

The Basics Of Chibro Press Fitting

Chibro Press Fitting is a process in which you can put together two pipes without welding or threading. As a result, a more economical, a faster process and a more reliable outcome are achieved. Using a handy pressing tool, various pipes can be pressed with just a few head changes. The diameter range that this covers goes from 12 to 108mm. This has been used for marine, industrial, commercial and military purposes. In addition, the system endorses a more cost-effective plan of execution.

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Chibro Fittings

Chibro Fittings: Definitely A Better Option Than Welding

The Chibro press fitting system is a no weld, no heat process of connecting pipes. It uses pressure and a special fitting to join pipes together. It has been used for numerous applications: both on dry land and out at sea. Using Chibro Fittings for marine vessel construction has numerous benefits, especially if the main material that you will use for pipes is Cunifer.

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Copper Nickel Pipe

Guide In Looking For Copper Nickel Pipe And Other Marine Engineering Pipes

If you are looking for reliable ship parts and products like Copper Nickel Pipe or stainless steel plates, one of the companies that you could put your trust in is Mech Marine and Industrial Engineering Company. For over thirty years, they have been known to offer only the products and services which have met international standards. The said company is based in Singapore but over the years, it has also stretched its business overseas. So now, you can avail of their amazing products and services in other countries such as Thailand, China, Australia and Middle East.

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